Can you believe it is June already? I can't. What is even scarier is Christmas is just under 29 weeks away. OK, OK, enough of that! My point is time is running out and I want to share with you my Automated Money System so that you can implement it and never worry about another bill.

You see a number of years ago I trained with some Money Making Greats. They included: Robert Kiyosaki, the brains behind Rich Dad Poor Dad; Roy McDonald, author of How to turn $1 into $1 Million, and Loral Langemeier, the Millionaire Maker. And I applied their teachings by creating and using my own Automated Money System.

This system takes care of all my bills and household expenses automatically. I never have to worry about "how to pay my bills" and I am free to spend the entire balance of my spending account without hesitation.

I have used this system for many years. It is tried and tested and it works. And now I want to share it with you so that too can stress less about money.

I am hosting a small workshop, ten people max, on Wednesday 14th June from 6 to 8pm where I will give you my system and teach you how to use it. I should be charging a few hundred dollars for the system alone but I am going to give it to you for free.

There is however a small booking fee of $40 per person. This fee covers printing and catering etc and ensures that those who book actually show up.

If you want to learn a stress free method of automating your personal finances then you need to fill out the form below and secure your spot. There are only 4 spaced left.

About Shannon Daniels


Chances are you have met me before and know of my ability to help business owners to thrive in uncertain times.

What you may not know is that in 2005 I was in a poverty stricken state living in my car and that I went on to generating over $5.5 million with Triumphant Property Services and now work as a full time business consultant specialising in strategy, marketing and digital services.

I rarely share my personal journey and the systems I have developed to simplify and automate the important stuff so that I can spend time on the more important stuff like family and health.

This workshop is a once only opportunity to discover how I effortlessly make ends meet and never worry about money.


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